Perrigo United Kingdom and Ireland

Commitment to Quality

At Perrigo, our pursuit of quality is not limited to the operational level, but is valued at every level of our business. Our Quality Management System, which is based on current industry and regulatory concepts for a modern quality management system, ensures that quality is fully integrated into our global business processes.

Why do we have this focus on quality? The answer is simple: we want to ensure that every Perrigo product, no matter where in the world it is produced, meets the high expectations for safety and effectiveness held by our customers, consumers, employees, regulatory agencies and shareowners.

We will continue to focus on quality as we expand our business across the globe. Our stakeholders and customers expect this from us; we expect this from ourselves; and our ability to produce "Quality Affordable Healthcare Products™" for consumers around the world depends on it.

Conducting Ourselves with Integrity

We Are Responsible: Our Code of Conduct helps all of us at Perrigo act with integrity and safeguard our company's reputation. It contains the global standards we must follow to ensure we uphold our core values, and it provides principles to guide our conduct and help us do what is right. The code applies to all employees, officers and directors, as well as those working on Perrigo's behalf, such as consultants, agents and business partners.

We also expect our suppliers to adhere to our high quality and ethical standards. That is why we have a Supplier Code of Conduct to guide their actions.

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