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Adverse Event Reporting​

Adverse Events in the UK should be reported through the Yellow Card Scheme. Reporting forms and information can be found at Patients can report through the Yellow Card Scheme as well so don't need to consult a doctor first if reporting an Adverse Event. Adverse Events and Product Complaints should also be reported to Perrigo UK.​​

Questions regarding our products or to report an adverse event​

Branded Consumer Self-care Perrigo UK​
Omega Pharma Ltd​

+44 (0)203 598 9603​​
Email us (​

Consumer Self-care Perrigo UK​
Wrafton Laboratories Ltd​

+44 (0)203 598 9603​
Email us (​

Galpharm International Ltd​
+44 (0)203 598 9603​
Email us (​

UK Base of operations​
Omega Pharma Ltd​

One Embassy Gardens,
8 Viaduct Gardens,
London, SW11 7BW

Non-product enquiries:
+44 (0)203 598 9601​

Corporate Headquarters​
The Sharp Building​
Hogan Place​
Dublin 2, Ireland​
+353 1 709 4000​

​Registered in Ireland​
Registration Number 529592