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Quality, affordable self-care products™

Our products are found in pharmacies, supermarkets and online outlets across the UK. We have a proud history in consumer self-care with unrivalled product expertise across sourcing, product development, manufacturing, marketing and distribution. We apply this experience to both our own iconic, trusted brands and retailer own brands.

Our brands

We are the fastest-growing major over-the-counter (OTC) manufacturer in the UK. This has been achieved by ensuring our brands are always relevant and valued by consumers and healthcare professionals through insight-led approaches rooted in real-world knowledge.

Driving value through retailer own brands

We partner with the UK’s leading retailers to deliver quality, affordable self-care products under their own brands. We do this through offering end-to-end product lifecycle support, combining our consumer & shopper insight, product expertise, world-class sourcing, manufacturing & supply chain and high standards in quality, ethics & sustainability. This has led to us being the UK’s largest supplier of retailer own brand OTC products, with over 500 licensed formulations spanning a range of health and wellness categories.

Retailer own brands

retailer own brands
supply chain expertise

Unmatched supply chain expertise

The expansion of our comprehensive product portfolio is driven by growth and innovation from four sites spread across the UK. Our world-class supply chain, renowned sourcing, and manufacturing expertise ensure we meet retailer needs, enabling us to offer lower costs to consumers.

Meeting consumer needs at the right time

We are passionate advocates of consumer choice, especially in the current challenging economic climate. By supplying some of the most well-known and trusted self-care brands in the UK market, we are able to meet consumers’ needs when they need it most.


Meeting consumer