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Perrigo diversity and inclusion

Perrigo believes our differences create a more innovative workplace filled with unique ideas that reach consumers from every walk of life. By acknowledging and embracing our different backgrounds, perspectives and experiences, we become even more aware of our unique consumer needs.


Perrigo's core values

Our core values of integrity, respect, and responsibility are a central part of our culture, and serves as the foundation for our Diversity and Inclusion efforts.

Integrity – We do what is right

Respect – We demonstrate the value we hold for one another

Responsibility – We hold ourselves accountable for our actions


Photo Left: Perrigo Turkey International Women's Day

Events celebrating our unique attributes

Each year, Perrigo hosts events across the globe to promote an inclusive culture. Below highlights some of the key events held to engage Perrigo employees and leaders.


Focus on women

Our Leadership Lens:Focus on women events are part of our global initiative featuring topics designed to inform, inspire, and grow our female talent.

Perrigo understands that a healthy company means investing in its diverse talent. Half of our global workforce are women, an area which leadership is passionate about developing.

As part of our focus on women initiative, Perrigo's International Women’s Day brought together women and men from across the globe and received resounding positive feedback.

Disability awareness

Perrigo works to foster a compassionate and inclusive work environment for individuals that are differently abled. Perrigo is proud to join the Valuable 500 campaign, which calls on 500 global business leaders to make a tangible commitment to addressing disability exclusion in business.

Perrigo has recognized National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM) to celebrate the contributions of workers with disabilities, while educating the organization about the strengths they bring to the workplace.  Activities focused on raising employee and manager awareness of the role each of us has in fostering a supportive work culture for people with disabilities.


Veterans day

Veterans are a vital part of our workforce and their service and traditions are recognized and supported through veteran's organizations within the company.

Perrigo Michigan holds an annual veterans day event where a flag raising ceremony is performed by veterans across the company.

The event also brings together members of several branches as a networking experience to share how their service applies to the workplace, and provides a gathering place for service members to come together. 

Pride week

Pride week celebrates the LGBTQ+ community within Perrigo and promotes an accepting environment globally. Perrigo's Dublin location is leading the way by hosting events to demonstrate support for local and global employees who identify as part of the LGBTQ+ community. 

The Dublin office hosts speakers, events, and advocates to improve the lives of LGBTQ+ people across Ireland. The team also takes a 'Pride Stride' through the city, and holds a celebration at the office.

These efforts not only represent the supportive internal culture Perrigo is building, but also demonstrates the values in which we engage with our consumers and customers.


“Perrigo is a global company with a wide range of rich cultures and backgrounds that make up the fabric of our organization. To highlight these unique attributes that make us an employer of choice, we recently launched a new global Diversity and Inclusion Committee. Our committee is working to engage our employees, leadership, and vendors as we celebrate the things that make our organization a unique and diverse self-care company.”

EVP, Chief Medical Officer, and D&I Chair
grainne quinn

"Our goal is to foster an even more inclusive work environment by recognizing, respecting and leveraging our differing backgrounds, perspectives and ideas to meet or exceed the needs of our workforce, consumer base, and the communities in which we operate. Diversity includes everyone. Together, we can make self-care better. Together, we can create an even stronger, more creative, and innovative Perrigo.”

Global D&I Officer
K miller

Perrigo's diverse workforce

Self-care means caring for our communities, and that starts with our employees at work. Perrigo supports inclusive hiring practices and demonstrates that commitment at our locations across the globe:









Global Female Workforce



2018 Female New Hires

Equal opportunity employer

Perrigo’s core values of integrity, respect, and responsibility serve as the foundation for our Diversity and Inclusion efforts and as our guide in being an equal opportunity employer. To view our Equal Opportunity Statement and see our career opportunities, please view our Perrigo careers page. 

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