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Perrigo self-care solutions

Perrigo solutions

We recognise the importance of building consumer confidence and increasing the expertise of healthcare professional through our products, knowledge and insight.

Why self-care matters

Self-care results in a more appropriate and cost-effective use of public healthcare. In fact, it already accounts for around 80% of all care in the UK1. As the weight of a growing and ageing population bears down on the NHS, self-care is increasingly becoming a focus for the UK government and health policy-makers.

It is estimated that:

  • 57 million GP consultations every year could be treated with self-care and OTC products2
  • £1.5bn could be saved and re-invested into the NHS if more people had the tools and awareness to self-care effectively3

1. Self care forum. What do we mean by self care and why is it good for people? [Accessed 13 January 2020]
2. Self care nation. Self care attitudes and behaviours in the UK. [Accessed 13 January 2020]
3. PAGB. A self care white paper: supporting the delivery of the NHS Long Term Plan. March 2019 [Accessed 13 January 2020]

Pagb logo

Proud to be members of the PAGB

The NHS Long Term Plan4 is an ambitious yet realistic framework to ensure that in 10 years’ time the UK has a service fit for the future. In response, the Proprietary Association of Great Britain (PAGB) has called for a national strategy with the overall aim of creating, promoting and embedding a culture of self-care.

4. NHS Long Term Plan. [Accessed 13 January 2020]

Working in partnership with pharmacists

Creating the tools to succeed in a challenging environment

Our training seminars, educational kits and CPD modules are geared around what pharmacists actually want and need.



Producing quality, affordable, trusted products

At the core of our business is our unique and diverse portfolio of trusted brands and retailer own products. Since 1887, we’ve been providing our customers and consumers with high-quality health and wellness products. We will continue to leverage our strengths to expand our self-care portfolio to better serve the health needs of the UK.