Our Brads Warman-Freed Learning Pharmacy

About Perrigo UK & I Branded Consumer Healthcare

We are the fastest growing and a top 5 consumer healthcare company in the UK & Ireland. The Branded Consumer Healthcare areas of Perrigo UK & Ireland specialises in delivering innovative over-the-counter (OTC) treatments that can be purchased without a prescription. We are committed to making a difference to health, by helping people lead healthier lives and positively affecting their wellbeing. Our product portfolio includes iconic brands such as Solpadeine, Nytol, TCP, Jungle Formula and Zantac, complemented by breakthrough innovations for weight loss (XLS-Medical & Yokebe), skin health (Dermalex) and hayfever (Prevalin allergy).

Since August 2014, we own and manage Warman-Freed, a community pharmacy in North London, as a learning pharmacy. The focus of the learning pharmacy operation is on establishing insights and intelligence that can improve the day-to-day running of a typical community pharmacy operation. Learnings are used to shape changes across the store and shared with interested professionals throughout the industry.

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